‘No one knows when Hinduism was born’: Karnataka minister’s statement created ruckus, BJP asked name of great grandfather

Speaking at an event in Tumkuru, Parameshwara had said, “There is still a question mark as to when was Hinduism established, who gave birth to Hinduism? The question mark is still in place and has not been answered. Jainism and Buddhism were found in India and Islam and Christianity came from outside. All religions want the welfare of mankind.”

The BJP leader asked God to tell the name of his great grandfather.
This statement was distasteful to the BJP. For raising questions on the origin of Hindu religion, senior BJP leader K.S. Eshwarappa said that Karnataka Home Minister G. God apologizes unconditionally. Speaking to reporters in Bagalkot, Eshwarappa said, “You either apologize or bring the names of your great grandfathers.” Eshwarappa said, “State Home Minister Parameshwara should not make such comments. “This just shows his desperation to grab headlines.”

Eshwarappa said, “I want to tell God that he has no right to speak on Hindu religion. God’s father is Gangadharappa. His grandfather is Mariappa. Let him tell you the name of his great grandfather.” Eshwarappa said, “Hindu religion considers the entire world as one family. Is it right to comment on Hindu religion?”

‘Parameshwar’s statement is part of the series of statements of Udhayanidhi, the disease is in his mind’
BJP national spokesperson Sudhanshu Trivedi has described the statement of Congress leader and Karnataka Home Minister Parameshwara as a series of statements of Tamil Nadu Minister Udhayanidhi Stalin. He has said that if the people of this arrogant alliance see diseases like dengue, malaria and corona in Sanatan and see freedom of expression in the statement of complete destruction of Sanatan Hindu religion, then it is very clear that the disease is in their mind. It is in me and not anywhere else.

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